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ज़िंदग़ी ने मेरे क़िस्से लिख़े… मुझे ज़िंदग़ी लिख़नें का शौक़ हो चला !! #रshmi

Hi, my name is Rashmi Mishra. I am an Indian, put up in California. Aspiring Author who scribbles poems.

My writing comprises of observations from the world around me, I am a disciple of whatever I go through and this is what makes part of my poetry. I’m not talkative but manage to speak through my words. My love for Hindi language never fades.

Literature is my second love, well Hindi is first. You can read a number of Hindi poems in my column of blogs. Authoring my sentiments with #रshmi on social media. I’m enjoying putting it all in words and loving the feeling that you all are loving it. 🙂

Enjoy reading and keep delighting me! 🙂